Saturday, August 30, 2008


For those of you who are like me with fantasy football drafts over the next few days, some players' stock is on the rise while others have plummeted.
Don't be afraid to select Reggie Bush earlier than most drafts have him taken. Many drafts have him going as high as 46th overall but the last few days he has been as low as No. 15 overall on
Friends of mine who cover the NFL tell me that Bush is on a mission this season. After a so-so 2007 he wants to prove to everyone he's an elite back and hopes to carry his team into the playoffs. There has been talk of 1,600 to 1,700 yards rushing and another 500 to 600 yards receiving with double digit TDs. Last year he had 581 yards rushing and 417 yards receiving with six total TDs. Grab this guy if you can.
While many are still taking Detroit receiver Roy Williams over Calvin Johnson, it is Johnson who will be the No. 1 receiver for the Lions.
Watch San Francisco's Bryant Johnson, the former third string receiver for Arizona, to emerge as the No. 1 guy in Mike Martz's offensive schemes. With everyone else hurt in the secondary, under-achieving Nate Burleson has emerged as the go-to guy in Seattle.
No one will likely stop drafting quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning 1-2 with Brady continuing to go in the first round and Manning early in the second round. On paper they are certainly the elite QBs in the sport. But with Brady missing the entire preseason with a right foot injury and Manning just returning after leg surgery, I have a hunch these normally durable players will start the season but not complete the regular season. Hope I'm wrong, but be careful with these guys.
Scratch running back Rudi Johnson off your draft lists. He was waived by Cincinnati on Saturday.
Don't waste a third or fourth round pick on Philadelphia receiver Kevin Curtis. He recently suffered a sports hernia and is out indefinitely.


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