Wednesday, October 15, 2008


A couple of items to note regarding Week 6 performances....
It would appear with quarterback Matt Schaub back at the helm the Houston Texans will be serious contributors through the air the rest of the season. Schaub ended up the No. 1 ranked QB for Week 6 with 379 yards passing and a touchdown and Andre Johnson was the No. 1 receiver with 178 of those yards and the TD. If you're looking for a Tony Romo replacement and Schaub is available, consider picking him up.
It also appears Marvin Harrison is back on Peyton Manning's radar with Harrison coming up with by far his best performance of the season with three receptions for 83 yards and two TDs. Of course, Reggie Wayne is still the guy for the Colts and had eight receptions for 118 yards and a TD.
Cleveland Browns receiver Braylon Edwards finally held on to some balls that were thrown to him for his breakout game of the season with five catches for 154 yards and a TD in the Browns' win over the Giants. I think the Browns could be back on track although it would be nice to see running back Jamal Lewis post a 100-yard rushing game from time to time.
One guy to avoid as a one-week wonder is Miami Dolphins back Patrick Cobb who had a ridiculous day as a receiver with three catches for 138 yards and two TDs in Week 6. Don't expect this kind of production from this guy every week or possibly again this season.
When it comes to Week 7 and beyond, the Dallas Cowboys are certainly challenging any of us who have their offensive players. Quarterback Tony Romo is supposed to miss at least four weeks with a broken pinky on his throwing hand, putting 40-year-old backup QB Brad Johnson under center.
I would not recommend using Johnson if you have better options for a replacement. But with the offensive standouts the Cowboys have you could do worse as a replacement.
The addition of receiver Roy Williams from the Lions is a curious but interesting move and I think it could be a positive one. At first glance, making Williams the No. 2 option might upset fantasy football owners who have Patrick Crayton. Hold off on that sentiment, at least for now. The Colts have done quite well with three standout receivers and I think Terrell Owens, Williams and Crayton, along with tight end Jason Witten, could all excel, even with Brad Johnson throwing the ball.
Owens and Williams will likely be the focus of most defenses and that could free up Crayton in three-receiver sets. Owens is the deep threat and we need to see what kind of big arm Brad Johnson has left. The key with Williams is his burst of speed and yardage after the catch. Johnson will likely be throwing mostly short or medium range dump-off passes and that's where Williams could excel. On Tuesday, Williams was still available in a few leagues I'm in and he might still be available on your waiver wire. Grab him if you can.
On the Detroit Lions front, it looks like Shelton's Dan Orlovsky is finally getting his shot as more than just a one-week quarterback replacement with starter Jon Kitna placed on injured reserve and out for the season. The Lions didn't do Orlovsky any favors by trading away Roy Williams to the Cowboys. I've never been a huge Orlovsky fan. But Orlovsky certainly was one of the top college QBs when he was with UConn and a major reason they went to Bowl games. As the Lions' starting QB now, he needs to be aggressive with smart decisions to make the best of what he has to work with if he wants this starting gig to last. If he can just make these pathetic Lions competitive the rest of the season it bodes well for his future. The Lions have some good players and needed some kind of spark to make things better. Getting rid of former GM Matt Millen was a start and getting Orlovsky a shot to start might provide another catalyst for positive results.
What's your take on Orlovsky? Do you think he can be a viable contributor in fantasy football?
With all that said, from a fantasy football standpoint, stay away from the Lions.


Blogger Sports Haven said...

What a crazy year for the TE position. The few fantasy teams who ended up with a decent TE are getting a nice point advantage in my leagues this year.

October 15, 2008 at 4:17 PM 

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