Sunday, October 18, 2009


Be advised that heavy rain is expected in the Northeast all day today, making life interesting in the Buffalo at Jets and Tennessee at New England games.
Thanks to state-of-the art equipment, like the specially treated receivers gloves that are available these days, balls are a lot more catchable when inclement weather descends on a game. But the slick rain can still cause fumbles and interceptions.
Because of that, expect Pats back Sammy Morris and Titans back Chris Johnson, Jets backs Thomas Jones and Leon Washington, and Buffalo backs Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson to get a little more involved than usual because of the foul weather.
The tight ends in these games should also be more involved with short passes a higher percentage play than deep bombs in the rain. I see Dustin Keller and Ben Watson, if he's healthy, to be huge fantasy point producers today.


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