Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Breaking: Linta confirms Flacco seeking extension

NFL Player agent Joe Linta of Branford has confirmed that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is seeking a contract extension.
Ravens back Ray Rice signed a $40 million contract earlier this week and that could expedite a Flacco contract extension with the cap space saved as a result.
"We are talking and the talks have been very cordial," Linta said. "The lines of communication are always open. "
Flacco has started in nine playoff games the past four seasons and has won at least one playoff game for the Ravens each season. In the last four regular seasons he has 13,816 yards and has averaged 20 TDs a season.
Linta wouldn't discuss specifics but he did say he considers Flacco a top-five quarterback in the NFL. It's obvious Flacco has a long future with the Ravens. A new contract would be interesting with New Orleans Saints' QB Drew Brees recently getting a $100 million contract and Peyton Manning getting what could amount to a $96 million contract with the Denver Broncos.
Flacco is in the last year of his current contract that he signed as a rookie for around $12 million.
"Joe is really focused on getting the Ravens to the next step of winning a Super Bowl," Linta said. "I certainly believe he is a top-five QB and his film would back up that statement."


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