Monday, July 13, 2009


The video above couldn't be more accurate when it comes to drafting a competitive fantasy football team - you have to do what you have to do......

When it comes to drafting your fantasy football team for the upcoming season, it is a good idea to check out mock drafts and seriously consider where players are ranked in average draft positions. However, do not adhere to these mocks as the lock to a league championship this fall. Study mock drafts that are done on various sites and partake of some free mock drafts yourself. But be flexible and include your own personal hunches when ranking the players for your own draft. Do what you have to do to put together a team that best suits you.
For example, most mocks are placing Chicago back Matt Forte as the No. 2 or No. 3 overall pick. One reason for this is he had the most receptions for backs last season, which is a huge plus if your league uses the point-per-reception stat. But remember...he still plays for Chicago and is an unproven elite back.

Here are my personal top 24 rankings: 1) Adrian Peterson RB MIN, 2) Michael Turner RB ATL, 3) Maurice Jones-Drew RB JAX, 4) LaDainian Tomlinson RB SD, 5) DeAngelo Williams RB CAR, 6) Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI, 7) Steven Jackson RB STL, 8) Chris Johnson RB TEN, 9) Brandon Jacobs RB NYG, 10) Steve Slaton RB HOU, 11) Matt Forte RB CHI, 12) Andre Johnson WR HOU, 13) Brian Westbrook RB PHI, 14) Marion Barber RB DAL, 15) Frank Gore RB SF, 16) Randy Moss WR NE, 17) Clinton Portis RB WAS, 18) Tom Brady QB NE, 19) Steve Smith WR CAR, 20) Calvin Johnson WR DET, 21) Drew Brees QB NO, 22) Marques Colston WR NO, 23) Reggie Wayne WR IND, 24) Roddy White WR ATL.


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