Saturday, November 14, 2009


Sometimes, it's never easy when it comes to your fantasy football lineup.
This week, if you have Philadelphia back Brian Westbrook or Carolina back DeAngelo Williams, you're probably frustrated and looking for any sign that these guys won't burn you if you start them.

Westbrook is finally getting back on the field this week after missing a couple weeks with a concussion and other ailments. Most experts are saying be wary of the fact he will likely share the action with backup LeSean McCoy.
Sure, that will likely happen. But the Eagles are a different team with Westbrook in the lineup, even if it's a Westbrook who is only 80-90 percent healthy.
At the very least he will get 15-20 touches and he can do a lot with that kind of action. I plan to play him in all four leagues that I have him.

I have Williams in three leagues and he's been killing me. Right now, as of Saturday afternoon, I have him benched in those leagues because it seemed his sore knee became more of a problem as this past week went by.
The killer is this guy can single-handedly win you a game. The key is to make sure he's going to get on the field. Reading between the lines of several Internet reports, it looks like Williams will play. After talking to a couple of friends who cover NFL teams, they are convinced he will play. We should know around 11:30 a.m. on Sunday when inactive lists are released. If he is active, he will certainly be active in my lineups.

Also, if you are desperate for a receiver this week, be advised that Oakland receiver Chaz Schilens is finally expected to make his 2009 debut after recovering from a foot injury.
I know, I know, he plays for awful Oakland but this guy is a playmaker. He's huge, bigger than big (actually 6-foot-4) and with speed.
Similar to how Miles Austin has turned around the fortunes of Tony Romo, Schilens could have a similar affect (don't laugh) with Raiders QB Jamarcus Russell. I'm serious.
I always put up or shut up when it comes to my fantasy predictions and I am actually starting Schilens in two leagues. He's available in just about every waiver wire that's out there.
My colleagues at the New Haven Register laugh at me when I say this, but the day Schilens gets back on the field is the day Oakland starts playing better.

Lastly, if Patriots back Sammy Morris is on your waiver wire and you need a back, grab him now. It might be another week before he's back in action, but he will likely go back to starting for the Pats when he returns.


Blogger 4thandinches said...

If they had more than 100 passing yards Schilens would have been a good call. He was the most targeted and may need to be looked at next week.

November 15, 2009 at 10:22 PM 

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