Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fantasy Football-Week 11 recap

Familiar fantasy football "studs" rose to the top when it came to production last weekend, a good sign that the elite producers are getting in a rhythm.
Peyton Manning led all quarterbacks with 396 yards and four touchdowns and that kind of production should continue. Drew Brees was right there with Manning with 382 yards and four touchdowns.. The surprise was Ryan Fitzpatrick who also had four touchdowns with 316 yards.
Maurice Jones-Drew finally produced stud-like numbers last weekend with 133 yards and a touchdown. Michael Turner was right behind with 131 yards and a touchdown.
Greg Jennings, one ofthe top receivers a year ago, has started waking up and led all wideouts with 7 receptions,152 yards and three touchdowns. Steve Johnson reaped the benefits of Fitzpatrick'ssuccesswith 8 receptions,137 yards and three touchdowns.
Joel Dreessen, filling in for the injured Owen Daniels, was the top tight end with 4 receptions, 106 yards and a touchdown.
All of the players above should have solid weeks in Week 12 except for Dreessen. Daniels is expected to start this week, limiting Dreessen's touches.


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