Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nowak's Top 5 draft picks: Why Rice is No. 1

With a week to go for the start of the NFL season, the biggest push of the draft phase of football is going on from coast to coast. If you draft with a top-five pick, it's a great way to start your season. But don't always think the concensus No. 1 pick by most fantasy football experts is the way to go.

While Arian Foster is the No. 1 overall pick in the majority of drafts, my top five picks begin with a player who is a bit more consistant when it comes to fantasy football production.
Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is my No. 1 pick. He is reliable, has a solid offensive line to give him the holes he needs to run through and he produces as a receiver coming out of the backfield.

At No. 2, I’m still not thinking Foster.

After starting last season as a holdout and then struggling the first half of the regular season, I think Tennessee back Chris Johnson will be on a mission to make amends for 2011. He’s a guy who still has breakaway speed and he’ll also have a fair amount of balls thrown his way too.

I’m looking at Foster as my No. 3 guy. I think Andre Johnson is healthy enough to take a chunk of touches away from Foster. Don’t get me wrong, Foster is solid. But I think Andre Johnson lowers Foster’s production a bit.

Philadelphia back LeSean McCoy signed a new contract and is ready to roll at No. 4. He was a touchdown machine last season and he is another back that produces on he ground and through the air.

At No. 5, I’m looking for the maximum fantasy points I can compile at this stage and that’s why my pick is Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson. He is being projected by most fantasy football websites to produce anywhere from 300-350 fantasy points this season depending if you are in point-per-reception league or a standard NFL league.

My top five:

1.      Ray Rice

2.      Chris Johnson

3.      Arian Foster

4.      LeSean McCoy

5.      Calvin Johnson


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