Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fantasy Football: Nowak wins prestigious national championship

What a satisfying season for yours truly when it comes to competing in fantasy football leagues.

For the first time your fearless fantasy advisor has won one of the most prestigious fantasy football leagues in the United States - the Fantasy Sports Writers Association Industry Insiders League. The league is sponsored by the Fantasy Sports Writers Association and comprised of 60 of the most accomplished veterans at fantasy sports sites in the television, radio, print and radio media. I also won the Golf Digest Media Fantasy Football League championship as well.

The Fantasy Sports Writers Association Industry Insiders League is comprised of five 12-team divisions with individuals from various media sites that include ESPN,,,,,,,, and many others.
The competition is unique, combining both head-to-head and rotisserie formats.
The first 11 weeks of the competition is head-to-head. The division winners plus the 15 teams with the next best record advance to the championship round in Weeks 12-16 of the NFL’s regular season.

I ended up 8-3 in my division after 11 weeks, tied with Cory Bonini of KFFL for second place.
When you begin the championship round you start with the overall average weekly points from the first 11 weeks. The first 11 weeks I averaged 157 points and that was my starting point in the championship round.
In Weeks 12-16 you add the points your team accumulates each week.
Entering Week 16, I was in fourth place with 711.29 points. Team Mike Jones (footballdiehards) led with 723.08 points followed by Matt Schauf of (722.85) and Todd Lammi of (722.80).
In Week 16, New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees on Monday gave me 17.10 points for a Week 16 total of 165.50. The big finish gave me 876.79 points overall and the FSWAIIL championship. Schauf ended up second with 871.55 points followed by Lammi (867.35), Pete Smits of (844.40), Jon Rascom of (814.04) and Jones (813.23).

I am also living proof, even against elite competition, that you can overcome a rough draft to win a title. The night of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association Industry Insiders League draft, I was available for the first four rounds but then the unthinkable happened - my computer froze and went down. I missed the final 16 rounds. I pre-ranked my players before the draft in case something happened. But as a result of missing most of the draft I ended up with no top tier receivers with maybe the exception of Nate Washington. The receivers I ended up with were Michael Jenkins, Chaz Schilens, Nate Washington, Kevin Walter and Demaryius Thomas.
Through waiver pickups (a bidding process conducted on Wednesdays and Fridays) the first four weeks of the season I was able to strengthen myself at receiver, picking up Brandon Lloyd, Steve Johnson and Danny Amendola. Those additions came up big for me.
FYI: The Fantasy Sports Writers Association ( is comprised of nearly 400 members of the national media who cover fantasy sports.

The complete finish of the FSWAIIL championship round:

1. New Haven Register/ - Dan Nowak 876.79
2. RapidDraft - Matt Schauf 871.55
3. Fantasy Baseball Tools - Todd Lammi 867.35
4. Fantasy Insights - Pete Smits 844.40
5. Fantasy Football Trader - Jon Rascom 814.04
6. Team Mike Jones 813.23
7. BFDFantasyfootball - Lou Tranquilli 807.40
8. Fans Fantasy Football - Ken Zalis 801.36
9. CBSSports - Jamey Eisenberg 788.61
10. KFFL - Tim Heaney 784.67
11. - Erik Dell 762.31
12. ESPN - Pierre Becquey 760.57
13. KFFL - Cory Bonini 749.60
14. FanBall - Mark Hooper 740.77
15. - John Benson 736.10
16. The Scores Report - Jamey Codding 724.68
17. Team Bob Harris 724.19
18. Rotowire - Derek VanRiper 700.67
19. Fantasy Sharks - Jim Bukowski 697.95
20. Footballguys - Sigmund Bloom 644.51

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