Monday, February 4, 2013

SUPER BOWL: No overtime but a decent handicapping finish

What a Super Bowl!
Overall I can't complain about the run I had in the NFL playoffs.
Yeah, I know my prediction of overtime didn't happen but it was close. When Baltimore led 34-29, I figured San Francisco would get a touchdown and a 2-point conversion to go ahead 37-34 and then the Ravens would add a field goal late for the 37-37 tie. Of course that never happened with the Ravens' late goal line defensive stand against the 49ers.
As it turned out, I was 2-2 in the game itself - correct saying the Ravens would win and cover against the spread and wrong saying the game would go under and into OT.
Overall in the NFL playoffs against the spread I went 7-3-1. I'll take that record any day.

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