Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Matchups mean everything in fantasy football and Week 10 was a perfect example.
Ricky Williams was the leading back for the Miami Dolphins with 12 carries for 105 yards and a touchdown plus two receptions for 21 yards. But he did it against the weak Seattle defense and isn't likely to have that kind of game again this season.
Tennessee has been dominating opponents with its running game and has survived its very weak passing game. If you have backs Chris Johnson and Len Dale White you were hurting last week because the Chicago Bears shut them down. But QB Kerry Collins shifted gears in the second half and had his best day of the year. He ended up passing for 289 yards and two TDs.
As I predicted the Kansas City Chiefs had a huge fantasy day thanks to the maturation of QB Tyler Thigpen. He ended up with 266 yards and three TDs and now has seven TDs with no interceptions in his last four games. Tight end Tony Gonzalez had 113 yards and two TDs and receiver Mark Bradley had 81 yards and a TD. If you're looking for replacements at QB, RB or WR, see if these Chiefs plus receiver Dwayne Bowe are available because they have an easy second-half schedule.
Minnesota back Adrian Peterson finally had a day befitting a No. 2 or No. 1 draft pick with 192 yards on the ground, three receptions for 33 yards and a TD.
Jets tight end Dustin Keller had a career day with six receptions for 107 yards and a TD. Be advised this was against the weak St. Louis defense and he likely won't have this kind of game for a while.
QUARTERBACK WATCH: Dallas QB Tony Romo and Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck are expected to come back from injuries and start in Week 11. Hasselbeck could put up decent numbers, but remember his No. 1 receiver Deion Branch is still injured and questionable. If you're desperate,
go for Seattle receiver Koren Robinson who is one of the few healthy Seahawks receivers. Hasselbeck has to throw to somebody, right?
ALSO....if he's available on your waiver wire and need a QB, Cleveland's Brady Quinn had an impressive debut on Thursday with 239 yards, two TDs and no interceptions. The key stat here is no interceptions.
Don't forget there is another Thursday game this week with the New England Patriots hosting the Jets.....

Sunday, November 9, 2008


If you still have the chance pick up Detroit receiver Shaun McDonald off your waiver wire. With new Detroit QB Daunte Culpepper starting he will want to make a statement and solidify his starting position. Also watch for big games from receiver Calvin Johnson and back Kevin Smith who will be used in many short dump-off passing packages.

Also, this could be a big day for Kansas City Chiefs players - YES CHIEFS - because this team wants to make a statement of its own today against rival San Diego. Receivers Dwayne Bowe and Mark Bradley, tight end Tony Gonzalez and back Jamaal Charles should all have huge days.
Be advised the LaDainian Tomlinson likely won't put up the big numbers everyone expects. He is still not 100 percent and the KC defense will focus strictly on him today.

BE ADVISED Pittsburgh back Willie Parker will now be out indefinitely with an injury that is apparently more severe than realized.