Saturday, September 19, 2009


I've been surfing various fantasy football sites and some players who can help teams this weekend are still out there.
If you need help at running back and New Orleans' Mike Bell is still out there, grab him. Pierre Thomas will miss another week for the Saints, giving Bell another opportunity to reach the century mark in rushing yards. I know the Saints are playing the Eagles this week. But the Eagles have to give as much if not more attention to the secondary with the receiving and QB talent the Saints enjoy. This should open some holes in the trenches for the Saints backs.

If you need help at receiver, grab Tampa Bay's Michael Clayton, Baltimore's Mark Clayton or Oakland's Louis Murphy, in that order. Michael Clayton, despite Byron Leftwich being his QB, is actually a nice longterm pickup. Antonio Bryant continues to be hampered by a knee injury and is likely out indefinitely. This makes Michael Clayton the primary receiver and only legitimate threat downfield. He will be gold in point-per-reception leagues.

ALSO....keep an eye on the Michael Crabtree situation. While the thought is the top 49ers draft pick will sit out this season, some sources I've talked to believe he's now reconsidering all his options.
MY GUT FEELING: Crabtree will sign within a week. If he doesn't sign by Oct. 1, fuh-gett-about-it...

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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Finally, it's Sunday in week one of the NFL and the fantasy fun begins!!!

Each Sunday between noon and 1 p.m. I'll give you some updates and my expert take on who you should start and sit....

Starting off, be advised that Kansas City QB Matt Cassel is out today as is Houston receiver Kevin Walter and New Orleans back Pierre Thomas.
The good news, according to, is Houston QB Mattt Schaub will start along with Denver QB Kyle Orton and Minnesota receiver Bernard Berrian.

With Pierre Thomas out, Reggie Bush should have a huge day and Berrian should connect sevenral times with new Vikings QB Brett Favre.
ALSO, I know Jamal Lewis has probably been a thorn in your side as he has in mine the past two seasons, but he is all the Cleveland Browns realistically have on offense. Start him today.....